Faculty of Forestry Hybrid Teaching Workshop

Date & Time: February 2 (Wednesday), 13:00 – 14:00

We can probably expect a higher level of absenteeism this semester. Be it students who are unwell or in isolation or a member of your teaching team at home with kids with the sniffles, it is worth contemplating how you might incorporate some hybrid approaches to your teaching this term. This workshop will review various scenarios and practices of hybrid teaching in FSC classrooms, including technical and pedagogical challenges. Dr. Suborna Ahmed, Assistant Professor of Teaching from the Department of Forest Resources Management, will share her own experiences with hybrid teaching (online lectures + in-person labs).

All members from the teaching community, including instructors and TAs are welcome to join.

Workshop Slides:
Hybrid Teaching Suggestions and Practices in Forestry: Here
Concurrent Hybrid Modality Adaptation Strategies: Here

Workshop Summary: Here