Forestry Teaching & Learning Support

The Teaching and Learning Support (TLS) Team in the UBC Faculty of Forestry has a full complement of support in place for faculty members and students as they embark on various teaching and learning adventures. The TLS team is available for consultation and assistance in learning design and educational technologies. Please book a consultation session with us or request immediate assistance from Get Help .

Thoughts to Read

Bringing the Outdoors Online: Creating Online Field Labs by Althea Hotaling Hagan, and Erika K. Poarch

PFFAC Learning Resources Canvas Site

The Faculty of Forestry Online Teaching and Learning Resources Canvas site has been established by the Planning for Fall Adhoc Committee (PFFAC). The Canvas site aims to provide a platform for supporting a collective effort to strive for excellence in online teaching and learning and enhancing the Forestry teaching community.

You are welcome to join and interact with colleagues through the following open-enrolled link:




Our Team

Michelle Zeng
Senior Manager, Educational Strategies
Faculty of Forestry | Dean’s Office
The University of British Columbia 

Yangqian (Frederick) Qi
Forestry Learning Tech Rover

Juno Kim
CTLT Learning Tech Rover

Joelle Geesing
CTLT Academic Continuity Rover

Seb Gonzalez
CTLT Learning Tech Rover

Sally Lim
Forestry Learning Tech Rover

Samantha Marohn
CVA Program Assistant