Week of June 28 2021

Teaching & Learning News

Week of June 28th

Workshops & Events

TLS Weekly Drop-in Session

Time: Wednesday (June 30 & July 7) 14:30 – 15:30. Open discussion. To join the meeting: click here.

Faculty of Forestry Canvas Workshop 2021

This is a one-hour workshop on Wednesday, July 21 from 14:30 – 15:30 for anyone in the Faculty who is new to Canvas and want to familiarize themselves more with what Canvas has to offer. We will introduce the different tools and templates within Canvas, as well as discuss the functions, purposes, and usages of those tools in Canvas. Faculty, staff, TAs and Academic Assistants are all welcome. RSVP: click here.

Faculty Tip-Sheets & Surveys

Assignment Groups in Canvas

Setting up Assignment Groups allows one to better organize the different types of assignments used in a course. These groups can help manage the
weighting of various assignments in the final grade. Read more: click here.

More Tip-Sheets

Click here.

Central Technical Updates

Kaltura Upgrade

A new Kaltura upgrade will include some new features/enhancements and bug fixes. Read more: click here.

Access to Collaborate Ultra Recordings to be Turned Off 

As part of UBC’s move away from Collaborate Ultra, access to Collaborate Ultra recordings in Canvas will be turned off on Wednesday, June 30, 2021. This removal of the integration is in preparation for UBC’s access to Collaborate Ultra and all stored recordings officially ending on July 31, 2021.

However, should you need time in July to complete the transfer of the recordings (see TLS tip-sheet here), please contact the LT Hub to re-enable access to Collaborate Ultra on a course-by-course basis until July 30.


UBC Piazza Licence Extended

The UBC Piazza licence has been extended until August 31, 2022. Costs until the end of 2021W1 (December 31, 2021) will be covered centrally. Costs for Piazza use beyond 2021W1 are still to be determined. 



We will continue convening a working group to evaluate discussion tools; however, the timeline for the evaluation will now be longer owing to the extension of our Piazza contract


Faculty Guidelines

Course Examples and Canvas Templates

In preparation for the 2021W1 semester, please feel free to look at our Canvas course templates for inspiration. Click here. We also have a list of course examples available on our TLS webpage here.

Consultations with the TLS Team

The TLS team is pleased to offer one-on-one consultations for course redesign and development. Please contact Michelle Zeng (michelle.zeng@ubc.ca) or the TLS team (forestry.tls@ubc.ca) to have one scheduled.

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