Week of September 27, 2023

Teaching & Learning News

Week of September 27, 2023

Faculty Reminders

UBC Zoom & Teams Video Retention Policy

Starting in Oct 2023, UBC will automatically remove video recordings from Zoom and Microsoft Teams
one year after each video is recorded.
This new video retention policy will affect all faculty, staff, and student employees who use UBC accounts to record with these tools. Detailed instructions can be found at
Zoom and Microsoft Teams video retention policy.

More information about (1) alternative video storage options, (2) recovery of deleted recordings, (3) using previous lecture recordings, and (4) frequently asked questions can be found in
this document.

Call for Proposals: Forestry Teaching Innovation Fund

The Forestry Teaching Innovation Fund (FTIF) aims to support innovative teaching practices, experimentation with pedagogical approaches, and applications of emerging learning technologies to improve accessibility and inclusion while maintaining academic integrity in the Faculty of Forestry. The deadline for application is now extended to Friday, Oct 27, 2023. Please submit the application form
to Michelle Zeng, Senior Manager, Education Strategies (michelle.zeng@ubc.ca).

Call for Proposals for Small TLEF Fund

Small Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF) aims to support the experimentation of pedagogical approaches that will improve innovation in teaching and learning.
Small TLEF Innovation projects should advance UBC’s Strategic Plan and be aligned with one or more of the
TLEF Fund priorities for 2024/25.
Learn more about Small TLEF Innovation projects and how to apply by visiting the TLEF website. The deadline for proposals is 3pm on Nov 16, 2023.

Make-Up Monday Reminder

The Vancouver Senate has approved a schedule alteration for Thursday, Oct 12, 2023, designating it as a “Make-up Monday” in response to a calendar imbalance that disproportionately affected Monday classes due to statutory holidays (full details here on pages 29-31).

Regularly scheduled classes for Thursday, Oct 12, are canceled and replaced by those usually held on Mondays
(view UBC announcement here).

Key actions for instructors:

If your course is scheduled on a Monday or a Thursday, please highlight this schedule change in your course syllabus with the message below:

“Important: Thursday, Oct 12, 2023, has been designated as a “Make-up Monday” for the Term 1 academic schedule. Classes scheduled for Thursday, Oct 12, are cancelled, and will be replaced by the classes normally scheduled on a Monday. This includes our course.”

Add this if your course is scheduled on a Monday:

“Please ensure you plan to attend our Monday class at its regular time and location on Thursday, Oct 12.”

Add this if your course is scheduled on a Thursday:

“Please note that our Thursday, Oct 12 class is cancelled.”

Please avoid scheduling midterm examinations or other assessments on Make-up Monday, Oct 12.

If you have questions about the logistics of Make-up Monday, please contact Scheduling Services at

UG Labs & Software

Trimble Technology Lab Resource Guide

This guide offers a wealth of resources to support the delivery of forestry courses with practical applications. It includes a range of software tools for 3D modelling, structural analysis, and geospatial data processing. It also features hardware solutions like integrated smartphone data collectors, mixed reality viewers, and high accuracy GNSS positioning devices.

To subscribe to the software, please email

To access the hardware, please reach out to ht.li@ubc.ca. For teaching support, contact forestry.tls@ubc.ca.

Available Software in Forestry

See the latest IT One Pager for a current listing for IT and related contact info.

We updated the Forestry Software list of commonly requested software and who to ask. This list does not represent what is currently installed in the UG labs nor CBM laptops.

If there is something you need and is not on the list, email an inquiry to forestry.ithelp@ubc.ca.

Workshops & Events

Forestry TA Mentoring Sessions

Time: Fridays (11 am – 12 pm) | Online

New and returning TAs are welcome to join the weekly TA mentoring sessions via Zoom.

Forestry Teaching & Learning Drop-in Sessions

Time: Fridays (11 am – 12 pm) | Online

We host weekly drop-in session to answer teaching related questions. Instructors and TAs are welcome to join the Zoom meeting.

Forestry Teaching Innovation Fund Brainstorming Session

Time: Wednesday, Oct 11 (12 – 1 pm) | Online

Join this interactive workshop to brainstorm ideas for using innovative tools in teaching and learning. In this workshop, you will learn more about the Forestry Teaching Innovation Fund, and explore the use cases of innovative tools to encourage adaptive learning, critical thinking, and student engagement, as well as maintaining academic integrity. Register here.

CTLT Workshop: GenAI Issues & Challenges (30+30)

Time: Thursday, Oct 5 (2 – 3 pm) | Online

Join this 30+30 session at UBC to delve into the ethical challenges of using generative AI in higher education. Register here.

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