Week of May 10, 2024

Teaching & Learning News

Week of May 10, 2024

Summer Term 1 Reminders

Exam Scheduling

For summer courses, instructors must submit Term 1 final exam requests to the department exam contact by 4:30 pm, May 14. Note that the exam period is June 24-28. Information and support for examination scheduling can be accessed via the exam website.

There are different exam formats (in-person paper, in-person computer, online Canvas, etc.) that instructors can consider. Refer to the following tip-sheets prepared by the Teaching & Learning Support team:
Navigating the Choice: Online or In-Person Assessments.
UBC Exam Policies, Procedures, and Reminders.
Technical Tips for Exam Logistics.

Student Experience of Instruction (SEI) Survey

The key dates for 2024S1 SEI are listed below.  If you plan to run any early or “off-cycle” surveys outside of the general 2024S1 Survey Period, please contact michelle.zeng@ubc.ca as soon as possible.
May 24: Deadline for each Faculty to confirm courses for survey setup on TeachEval
June 7: Last day to drop 2024S1 courses with a “W” standing
Now to June 7: SEI Team survey setup
June 10: Instructor Heads-up email
June 15-23: 2024S1 Survey Period
June 24-28: Exam Period

Workshops & Events

Forestry Seminar – Generative AI in Academia: Balancing Innovation with Ethical Practices in Research, Teaching, and Learning

Time: May 21 (12 – 1 pm) | Online & In-person
In this workshop, Dr. Neil Leveridge will highlight the potential benefits and challenges that generative AI has on academia. Join us to learn about established best practices for ethically integrating AI into the classroom. Register here.

CTLT Program: Applying Anti-Racist Pedagogy in the Classroom

Time: June 6-27 | In-person
This new program explores anti-racist approaches and practices in the classroom environment. Registrants must apply before May 23. Find more info here.

UBC Certificate Program in Advanced Teaching & Learning for Graduate Students

CTLT is now receiving applications for the this program’s 2024-2025 cohort. The application deadline is May 31. Here is more about the program and the application process.

Workshop from the University of Manitoba – Centering Indigenous Cultural Safety and Ethical Space in Reconciliation and Education

Time: May 13 | Online
This workshop aims to examine the pedagogical outcomes of Indigenous Requirement Courses (IRCs) in universities. Register here.

Central & Faculty Updates

Generative AI Resources for Teaching & Learning

UBC’s generative AI in teaching and learning advisory committee has been working on the guidelines for using generative AI tools in teaching and learning. More information will be released after their consultations are concluded. Meanwhile, you can check out the latest advice on CTLT AI website. If you’d like to discuss any aspects of AI in your teaching in Forestry, please reach out to sarah.gergel@ubc.ca or michelle.zeng@ubc.ca.

Turnitin with Canvas Integration

Turnitin is now available within Canvas, seamlessly integrating plagiarism checking within Canvas assignments, SpeedGrader, and Gradebook. Teaching teams can check out UBC’s updated Turnitin instructor guide. If you need support or have questions, please contact us at forestry.tls@ubc.ca.

Teaching Funding Opportunities

Sustainability Education Fellows Program

UBC Vancouver faculty members who are leading the design of new sustainability courses and programs are invited to apply to this program. The deadline to apply is May 13. Learn more here.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Programs

– SoTL Seed Program:
This program supports instructors who want to evaluate the impact of their pedagogical choices. The deadline for applications is May 27. Click here for more info.

– SoTL Linkage Grants:
These grants fund teams of researchers to explore fundamental questions in multiple different teaching contexts. Submit notices of Intent by May 29. Click here for more info.

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