Week of March 2, 2022

Teaching & Learning News

Week of March 2, 2022

Faculty Tip-sheets

Alternative Recording Options for In-person Classes
The TLS team has completed a tip-sheet to explore different recording options that you can consider if there is no in-class recording system available in your classroom or if you would like to learn alternative recording options to add another dimension to your teaching.

Other Tip-sheets for Classroom Livestreaming and Recording
View tip-sheets for using in-room live streaming and recording systems, touch panels, and more.

Sharing Class Recordings with Students
Here is the tip-sheet for different options to share class recordings with students.


Events & Workshops

TLS Drop-in Session
Time: Friday (March 4) 13:00 – 14:00
Open discussion. Join the Zoom meeting.

Workshop: Student Peer Review Tools
Time: Friday (March 11) 13:00 – 14:00
This workshop is for anyone in the faculty who wants to learn more about how they can incorporate student peer review activities into their classrooms using the various learning tools available at UBC. Dr. Lindsay Cuff and Dr. Duffy Roberts will be joining us to share their experiences using PeerScholar and ComPAIR in their courses. Together, the TLS team will present a comparative view of other student peer evaluation tools more commonly used in Forestry, including iPeer and Canvas Peer Review. Join the Zoom meeting.


UBC Students as Partners Fund
Congratulations to Dr. Susan Day on receiving the UBC Students as Partners Fund for the project: Redesigning a Core Urban Forestry Course to Integrate Student Partnership and Address Barriers to Success.

Congratulations to Dr. Paul Pickell on receiving the UBC Students as Partners Fund for the project: Transforming the undergraduate geomatics learning experience for wicked problems in Forestry.


Faculty Updates

Email Attachment Block List
UBC IT currently blocks attachments with restriced extensions. View a list of blocked file types and method for sending a file on the block list here.

Best Ransomware Decryption Tools for Windows
Ransomware remains one of the world’s most dangerous threats to computer systems. A ransomware attack encrypts all your data, preventing you from accessing it unless you pay a ransom to its creators. View decryption tools that allow you to unlock and restore your data here.

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