Week of June 22, 2022


Teaching & Learning News

Week of June 22, 2022

Events & Workshops

TLEF Application Workshop Recording

If you missed the TLEF Application workshop held on June 16th, a recording is now available (link below). During this workshop, the TLEF program and its priority focus areas were introduced.
Successful examples from Forestry were shared and a productive open discussion and brainstorm session was held.

Recording can be found here.

Peer Reviews of Teaching Workshop Recording

If you missed the Peer Reviews of Teaching workshop held June 21st (yesterday), the recording is now available (link below). Differences and similarities between formative and summative reviews were explained, and the steps of preparing for and performing a peer review of teaching were outlined. This workshop is of value to both pre-tenure individuals and those planning on a post-tenure promotion review.

Recording can be found here.

Faculty Updates

Updated Zoom AV Cart

The Zoom AV Cart in FSC 1001 has been updated with an all-new microphone and camera system. This new system
offers more cohesive hybrid classroom support with less hassle. There will be an updated tipsheet on how to use this new system, which will be uploaded to the TLS website soon. If you would like to use the AV cart in FSC 1001, please contact the
TLS team (michelle.zeng@ubc.ca).

Technology Tipsheets

New and updated tipsheets have been uploaded to the TLS website. In particular, the Zoom Interpretation Tool tipsheet has been updated. More learning technology tipsheets can be found here on the TLS website.

Central Updates

Launch of Enhanced CWL on UBC VPN

As part of the ongoing effort to enhance cybersecurity, starting on July 11, 2022,
Enhanced CWL will be implemented on UBC’s Virtual Private Network (VPN). When you attempt to
connect to the VPN, you will be asked to verify the login using a secondary method in addition
to your password.

For more information, please visit the Enhanced CWL page here or
contact your local IT team.

Ungrading – Revisited

Workshop Recap

On May 5th, a workshop discussing ungrading and alternative approaches to
grading was co-hosted by the Faculties of
Forestry and Science. Examples of ungrading in the classroom were shared, as well as discussions surrounding types of
grading and the concept of ungrading. To learn more, please view the presentation slides and workshop recording, found here.

More Information

There are currently over 80 members in the UBC Ungrading and Alternative Grading Slack Community of Practice. Join us to hear about our trials and tribulations, and also ask the community for questions and get feedback on your ideas here.

Ungrading has also been included as part of UBC’s strategic plan for transformative learning (more information can be found here).

Other articles on the topic of ungrading can be found here (anecdotal experience) and
here (academic paper).

Additional Links

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