Week of July 5, 2023

Teaching & Learning News

Week of July 5, 2023

Faculty Updates

Last Reminder: UG Lab Software Request for 2023-2024 Teaching Year

Final reminder to list what you will need for the upcoming teaching year in UG Lab Software Request Form. Email the completed form to forestry.ithelp@ubc.ca. No requests after the first week of July will be accepted unless approved.

Software in the list
 is not necessarily installed if not requested. Note that Conefor is no longer being developed as ArcMap was retired.

Any use of external websites and software for teaching should also be included in the request form as Privacy Impact Assessments are required and can be done on your behalf.

Using UG Labs for Teaching

Physical labs (FSC 1404, 1406, 2942) have projectors and screens with HDMI for instructor laptops. They can be booked through Forestry Student Services for classes. For teaching and learning support, inquire with forestry.tls@ubc.ca.


Virtual labs are for remote access only if students cannot travel to UBC to use physical labs. Access is granted case by case. Note that virtual labs do not contain all the software that are installed in the physical labs, just what is needed. Software that requires a high-end graphics card are not suitable for a remote system. If you have questions or need access, please contact forestry.ithelp@ubc.ca. 


See the IT One Pager with updated info and contact listing for various IT/Web Tech resources. Trimble Business Center is new and under development.

Central Announcements

iClicker Cloud has a New Integration with Canvas

UBC LT Hub has successfully switched to a new integration that improves how iClicker Cloud and Canvas work together. Once you enable the new “Roster & Grade Sync” integration in an iClicker Cloud course, it will automatically add students enrolled in your Canvas course to your iClicker Cloud course.


If you have already set up iClicker Cloud with Canvas for upcoming courses, you will now want to ensure that they are switched to the new integration. You can follow the
instructions on how to switch the integration for an iClicker Cloud course that is already connected to Canvas.


Please see the updated iClicker Cloud instructor guide and student guide.

Central Support for Crowdmark Ending in April 2024

UBC LT Hub’s support for the collaborative grading tool, Crowdmark, will end on April 30, 2024. Starting in May 2024, Crowdmark will no longer be centrally licensed. This change means that teaching teams will not be able to use Crowdmark as part of Canvas and will not be able to receive LT Hub support.


The LT Hub recommends that teaching teams instead use Gradescope, a different collaborative grading tool with more robust functionality. Learn more about the decision to streamline collaborative grading support.

Professional Development Events

To welcome all new faculty members, including those new to teaching or new to UBC, CTLT is currently offering a variety of programs and events to help streamline the onboarding process.

New Faculty Teaching Orientation

Time: Aug 17 (10 am – 12:30 pm) | Online & In-person
This orientation is designed to welcome and support new instructors as they navigate their roles and responsibilities at the institution. Register here.

Teaching Development Program for New Faculty

Time: Aug 2023 – April 2024 | Online & In-person
This cohort program supports faculty members across UBC campuses in their professional growth as educators.
Apply by Aug 18. Find out more about the program at the online information session:
July 6 (12:15  12:45 pm) | Online

Workshops & Events

Forestry Teaching & Learning Drop-in Sessions

Time: Fridays (11 am 12 pm) | Online
We host weekly drop-in session to answer teaching related questions. Instructors and TAs are welcome to join the
Zoom meeting.

Can I (Re)Use This? Introduction to Open Educational Resources

Time: July 5 (12 – 1 pm) | Online
Learn about the pragmatic elements of reuse, and the basics of working with open educational resources that are licensed to allow revision and reuse.
Register here.

Representing Open Education Work in Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion Processes

Time: July 12 (10 am – 11:30 am) | Online
Hear UBC faculty members and open education leaders share their experiences, including challenges and successes, in representing their open education work for tenure and promotion.
Register here.

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