Week of February 16, 2022

Teaching & Learning News

Week of February 16, 2022

Faculty Tip-sheets

Alternative Recording Options for In-person Classes
The TLS team has completed a tip-sheet to explore different recording options that you can consider if there is no in-class recording system available in your classroom or if you would like to learn alternative recording options to add another dimension to your teaching.

Other Tip-sheets for Classroom Livestreaming and Recording
View tip-sheets for using in-room livestreaming and recording systems, touch panels, and more.

Sharing Class Recordings with Students
Here is the tip-sheet for different options to share class recordings with students.


Events & Workshops

TLS Drop-in Sessions
Time: Fridays 13:00 – 14:00
Open discussion. Join the Zoom meeting.

[Past Workshop] Hybrid Teaching: Suggestions and Practices in Forestry 
A workshop reviewing various scenarios and practices of hybrid teaching in FSC classrooms to address potential student and teaching team absenteeism. Dr. Suborna Ahmed also shared her experience in hybrid teaching (online lectures + in-person computer labs).

Missed the workshop? Check out the recording, slides and summary notes 

Central Updates

2022 UBC CTLT Spring Institute Call for Proposals 
The Spring Institute is a platform for members of the teaching and learning community to collaborate, network and share ideas. Our theme for 2022 Spring is ‘Embracing Creativity and Risk Taking in the New Normal’. Proposals that demonstrate purposeful innovation in teaching practices, educational research, student services, and learning technology that support student success and experiences are highly welcomed.   

Please submit your proposal by noon on Tuesday, March 1, 2022 using the proposal submission checklist

For more information, please visit Spring Institute Call for Proposal page. 

Improved Inclusive Teaching @ UBC
The CLTL and Equity & Inclusion Office has revamped the Inclusive Teaching @ UBC website to help faculty and staff navigate resources more easily. You can now browse materials by topic area or course stage here.  

Looking to make your teaching more inclusive? Check out the recording of a previous Forestry-specific inclusive teaching workshop. 

Mid-Course Feedback (MCF)
Instructors may want to gauge how students are adjusting with the transition back to in-person learning. A great way to obtain direct input during a course is by collecting informal mid-course feedback. For more tools and information, including quick tips, question guides and resources for implementation, visit the MCF website

Updated UBC Tool Guides
The UBC Learning Technology Hub has created and updated over 45 UBC Tool Guides offering tips and instructions for a wide variety of online teaching and learning tools, such as Canvas, Kaltura and Turnitin. Have a question about a specific tool? Find answers in the UBC Tool Guides.

Respect, Sincerity & Responsibility: Land Acknowledgements @ UBC
Here at UBC, we are committed to mending, creating, and sustaining good relationships with Indigenous peoples, particularly those whose unceded, traditional, and ancestral lands our campuses are situated on. As members of the UBC community, we are all responsible for engaging thoughtfully, consistently, and humbly in this process. Explore this self-paced course to discover more about how we can achieve this.



Faculty Updates

UBC Small Teaching and Learning Enhancement (TLEF) Fund
Congratulations to Dr. Paul Pickell on receiving the Small TLEF Fund for the project: UBC is Entering the Metaverse: Gamifying Forestry.

Congratulations to Dr. David Montwe on receiving the Small TLEF Fund for the project: Enhancing Newly Established Forestry Education and Demonstration Sites at UBC’s Malcolm Knapp Research Forest.

Jordan L. Burke Memorial Award in Forestry (Best Graduate TA Award)
The Jordan L. Burke Memorial Award in Forestry competition runs parallel to the Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant Award. Only one TA nomination submission is required to be considered for both competitions. The first-place winner of the Jordan Burke Award is also forwarded to the Provost office as the UBC Forestry Killam Award designate. Award announcements for both competitions will be released on the same schedule, early April.

Award Prizes
First Prize | $5,000 (and forwarded as the UBC Forestry Killam Award designate)
Second Prize | $2,500

Submit nominations by 4 PM on Friday, March 11, 2022

Nomination Procedures and Guidelines
Please refer to the attached PDF for complete instructions. If you have any questions – please contact Forestry Grad Awards (forestry.grad-awards@ubc.ca).

The award is open to any UBC Forestry Graduate Teaching Assistant who acts or has acted in this position in the Faculty of Forestry during the current and/or preceding academic year (2021-22 and/or 2020-21).

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