Week of August 17, 2023

Teaching & Learning News

Week of August 17, 2023

AI & Academic Integrity

Currently, no generative AI tools have passed a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)
at UBC

Make sure to file a PIA if using ChatGPT or other generative AI in teaching,
especially for assessments and grading. Note that using ChatGPT or other AI tools in grading may cause privacy or equity issues.

Please contact forestry.tls@ubc.ca for consultation and support.

Students should not assume that all available technologies are permitted. The use of generative AI tools is a course-level decision and there is no overall ban in teaching and learning at UBC.

As such, the use of ChatGPT or other generative AI tools does not automatically equate to academic misconduct at UBC.

However, if using generative AI
tools has not been discussed or specified by the instructor, then it is likely to be considered prohibited. And if using generative AI tools on coursework has been prohibited by the instructor, then using these tools would be considered academic misconduct.

If using generative AI tools has been permitted by the instructor, then instructors should make sure to convey the limitations of use and how it should be acknowledged, and use should stay within those bounds. More information can be found here.

Academic Integrity Learning Modules

UBC has a selection of learning modules available for instructors to help promote academic integrity or for students to learn about academic integrity. Check out Learning Modules.

Library Online Course Reserves

UBC Library Online Course Reserves (LOCR) enables instructors to create a single list with all reading materials for students to access. Instructors can
easily add articles, books, web links and media resources or request the Library to add items via Syllabus Service.


Using LOCR
(1) Canvas Integration:
LOCR can be enabled in Canvas
navigation bar. See this link for assistance.
(2) First-Time Users:
If this is your first time adding items to LOCR, please check out the instructor’s guide for guidance.
(3) Further Assistance:
For any questions or help with LOCR/Canvas integration, please contact the Forestry TLS team.
(4) Manual Input:
Instructors may still manually input course reserves requests into LOCR.

Submitting a Reading list
(1) Through Canvas Integration or LOCR Website:

Use the “Add Syllabus” button to upload your Reading List.
(2) Email Submission:
Send a copy to syllabus.service@ubc.ca (MS Word or PDF).
(3) PDF Course Materials:
Share PDFs via syllabus.service@ubc.ca or OneDrive for faster processing.
(4) Merging Course Sections:
Ensure merging is done before submission. Request a merge from the Forestry TLS team or LT Hub.

For inquiries, contact woodward.reserve@ubc.ca or forestry.tls@ubc.ca.

Central Updates & Reminders

2023 CTLT Summer Institute

The 2023 CTLT Summer Institute will take place from Aug 21-25. This institute serves as a forum for new members of the teaching and learning community to collaborate, network, and engage in knowledge exchange.

Below are some events that may be of interest to you. Pre-registration is required.

Aug 21:
Resources to Support Building TA Training Programs to Support Equity, Inclusion, and Indigenous Engagement

Aug 22:
Learning Objectives to Foster Student Learning

Aug 23:
Engaging Activities for Learners: Active Learning Techniques in the Classroom

Aug 24:
Inclusive Teaching: Reflecting on Your Teaching Practice

Aug 25:
From Philosophy to Physics: The Inclusive Use of Writing for Student Learning and Assessment

View the full schedule of events and learn more from here.


Workshops & Events

Forestry Teaching & Learning Drop-in Sessions

Time: Fridays (11 am – 12 pm) | Online

We host weekly drop-in session to
answer teaching related questions.
Instructors and TAs are welcome to
join the Zoom meeting.

CTLT: Connecting Power, Privilege, and Positionality to Teaching and Learning Contexts

Time: Aug 21 (9 am – 10:30 pm) | Online

This session is designed to help educators start exploring anti-racism in teaching and learning by reflecting on key concepts such as power, privilege, and positionality, and understanding how these concepts manifest in various educational contexts. Register here.

CTLT Workshop: What Do Students Think About my Course? (Find out early, find out often!)

Time: Aug 22 (11 am – 12 pm) | In-person

Learn how to gather timely course feedback from students with expertise from UBC faculty and educational developers. Discover strategies to tailor feedback, reduce student anxiety, and improve teaching techniques. Register here.

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