Week of April 12, 2023

Teaching & Learning News

Week of April 12, 2023

End of Term Reminders

Final Exam Support

If you need final exam support such as setting up Canvas quizzes (extra time and attempts), gradebook, and Zoom invigilation, feel free to contact

Exam Hardships, Clashes, & Cancellations

For more information regarding UBC’s policies on exam clashes, hardships, and cancellations, please check out the following article.

Uploading Grades to Faculty Services Centre

A reminder for all instructors to submit final student grades to the Faculty Service Centre (FSC) after posting the grades on Canvas. Note that the last day of exams is April 28. All final grades must be submitted to FSC either:

(1) 7 business days following the examination date OR

(2) 5 days following examination dates written on the last 2 days of the examination period.

Please refer to the FSC User Guide
for information on uploading grades (p. 16-24) and other features of FSC. Additionally, please refer to LT Hub’s
Uploading Canvas Grades to FSC Guide
for instructions on downloading the Canvas gradebook (.csv file), reformatting and then uploading it to FSC.

Faculty Reminders

SEI Survey Response Rate Help

A gentle reminder for all instructors to leave 10-15 min in class to allow students to complete the 2022 Term 2 Student Experience of Instruction (SEI) Surveys in Canvas, given the low response rate. Note that the SEI surveys opened on April 1, and will remain open until April 16 for most courses. Some programs follow different survey schedules.

Canvas Submit Assignment on Behalf of Student

Canvas enabled a new feature: Submit Assignment on Behalf of Student. Instructors can now submit a file upload assignment on behalf of a student in the Gradebook.

This feature allows instructors to support students who need extra assistance submitting, ran into technical issues, or have missed the deadline. For more information, please see Canvas’ latest release notes here.

Using UBC Emails

Please note that all UBC business must be done using the UBC email. Students can be contacted via instructors’ and teaching assistants’ UBC emails or from Canvas. Emails sent to IT and Teaching & Learning Support by Gmail, Outlook, or other personal email addresses may have security issues and will not be responded. If your UBC email is not working, please use Teams chat to alert us.

Central Updates

UBC Not Enabling Turnitin’s AI-detection Feature

Turnitin is a plagiarism-prevention tool that helps check the originality of student writing. Today, Turnitin is releasing a new AI-detection feature that attempts to check for text generated by AI-writing tools, such as ChatGPT. However, for a number of reasons, UBC has decided not to enable the new feature in Turnitin at this time.
Read more about UBC’s decision not to enable this feature here.

Kaltura Video Migration is Underway

UBC has begun moving Kaltura videos hosted at UBC into the Kaltura cloud, as part of Kaltura’s roadmap to improve the sustainability of the platform.

The migration has minimal impacts on courses this term. However, we strongly recommend not changing your Kaltura videos or metadata during the month of April to avoid losing work. If you want to save Kaltura video analytics or the previous answers that students gave to Kaltura video quizzes, you will need to download this data before April 30.
Read more about the migration impacts here.

Workshops & Events

Forestry Teaching & Learning Drop-in Sessions

Time: Fridays (1:00 – 2:00 pm)

We host weekly drop-in session to answer teaching related questions. Instructors and TAs are welcome to join the Zoom meeting.

Inclusive Teaching: Inclusive Syllabus Studio

Time: April 19 (10:00 am – 12:00 pm)

In this session, you will work on revisions to one of your current course syllabi. Some best practices for learner-centred and inclusive syllabus preparation will be reviewed and shared. Note that participants should have prior knowledge of why equity, diversity and inclusion are important principles within the teaching and learning context. Register here.

Creating Accessible Open Educational Resources: OER Tools and Platforms

Time: April 25 (11:00 am – 12:00 pm)

This hands-on session will focus on the specific tools and platforms being used for our open educational resources (OER) projects such as H5P, PressBooks, and Jupyter Notebooks. Bring your questions, quandaries, and discoveries! Register

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