Update on Recording and Streaming in Classrooms

The Learning Spaces team has been hard at work over the summer implementing technology to support recording and live streaming of sessions in General Teaching Spaces.  The team have made significant progress in this project since the last update, and are on track to implement or upgrade recording and streaming capabilities in over 160 General Teaching Spaces.  This represents a significant expansion of this capability which will now be available in approximately 70% of the GTS inventory of rooms over 30 seats capacity.  Drop-in recording kits and mobile Zoom carts are also being made available for spaces or sessions that may require them.  The UBC Learning Spaces website continues to be updated on an ongoing basis with the latest information about this project, including a list of capable rooms and functionality, detailed descriptions and videos of the available solutions, and information around booking recordings or AV support. 
The Learning Spaces website will continue to be updated with latest information, so please check back often at https://learningspaces.ubc.ca/recording-and-streaming-classrooms.
For more information, contact Jodi Scott, Senior Learning Space Planner (Jodi.scott@ubc.ca).