Inclusive Teaching & UDL

The Forestry TLS team works with Forestry instructors and members of the UBC community to create tools and resources that make learning more accessible and adaptable to learners’ diverse needs by incorporating UDL principles. Discover more about the projects we’ve undertaken below.

Are you interested in making your teaching more accessible? Check out our tip sheet for creating accessible text-, media-, and AI-based content and activities.

UBC UDL Fellows Program

UBC Small TLEF Project

  • This initiative, backed by the 2024/2025 Small TLEF, aims to foster inclusivity in learning by developing support tools and revamping course materials.

  • ​This project is expected to benefit ~2,300 students annually through an inclusive learning environment.​

  • For more details, please explore the funded proposal page.

Canvas Accessibility Tools

Additional Resources

For support regarding UDL, feel free to book an appointment with the TLS team at Visit the UBC UDL Hub for additional resources.