Examples of Online Courses

This page gives you access to a range of Faculty of Forestry online courses developed by faculty members. Feel free to explore these courses and discover inspiration here. NOTE: You will need to sign in using your CWL to access these courses.

Course Level Primary Author
BIOL 121 Genetics, Evolution and Ecology Undergraduate Dr. Athena McKown
CONS 200 Foundations of Conservation Undergraduate Dr. Shannon Hagerman
CONS 210 Visualizing Climate Change Undergraduate Dr. Fernanda Tomaselli
CONS 505 Ecological Restoration Undergraduate Dr. Cindy Prescott
CONS 528 Social Science Research Methods and Design for Natural Resource Management Graduate Dr. Shannon Hagerman
FRST 100 Sustainable Forests Undergraduate Dr. Andrés Varhola
FRST/LEF 110 Land One: First-year Integrative Seminar Undergraduate Dr. Fernanda Tomaselli
FRST 150 Scholarly Writing and Argumentation in Forestry  Undergraduate Dr. Lindsay Cuff
FRST 231 Introduction to Biometrics Undergraduate Dr. Andrés Varhola
FRST 307 Biotic Disturbances Undergraduate Dr. Richard Hamelin, Dr. Allan Carroll
FRST 320 Abiotic Disturbances: Fire and Climate Undergraduate Dr. Lori Daniels
FRST 350 Foundational Field School Undergraduate Dr. Patrick Culbert
FRST 444/APBI 444 Agroforestry Undergraduate Dr. Cindy Prescott
FRST 452 Coastal Field School Undergraduate Dr. Dominik Roeser
FRST 545 Technical Communication Skills Graduate Dr. Cindy Prescott
UFOR 300 Arboriculture Principles and Practice Undergraduate Dr. Susan Day, Dr. Owen Croy
UFOR 402 Urban Forestry Administration, Policy and Law Undergraduate Dr. Tahia Devisscher
UFOR 403/APBI 423 Ecological Restoration Undergraduate Dr. Cindy Prescott
UFOR 495 Biodiversity in Urban Areas Undergraduate Dr. Athena McKown, Ms. Stefanie Lane
WOOD 280 Wood Anatomy and Identification Undergraduate Dr. Simon Ellis